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To enjoy oneself. To celebrate or make merry. To have a good time.

Revel Home Care supports clients in St. Louis and St. Charles Counties. With a unique blend of innovation, personality, and celebration, we partner with our home care clients and their families to revel in the everyday.

Through a positive, empowering culture and unique, innovative technology, we deliver top-quality care to our clients, and with our help, our clients enjoy a more comfortable, enjoyable life with more time to spend with their loved ones.

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Safe, Professional & Fun Home Care – Revel in the Everyday!

What Makes Revel Different?

  • Helping Our Clients

    Our Revelers bring joy to families through exceptional service. Our 30-point hiring and training program ensures our people can show their crazy, giant hearts. We believe in people and live to serve them.

    At Revel, home care is an art – and a science. Our clients want to enjoy the comfort of their homes and cherish the memories they’ve had there. At Revel Home Care, we make this a reality.

    We partner our clients with a Reveler who engages their hearts and stimulates their minds daily – all while providing outstanding care and a whole lot of fun! Because our Revelers take the time to understand each client’s unique needs, we know what stimulates them and feeds their souls. As a result, we uplift their worlds week after week, month after month.

    We help our clients continue doing the things they love, whether that’s baking, crafting, enjoying the big game with a friend, relaxing in their favorite chair, or feeling content in a clean home. Most importantly, our services help our clients maintain their dignity as human beings. Their lives will be cherished every single day, and their Revelers will help bring meaning and zest to their lives.

  • Helping Their Families

    While our clients’ lives are changing, their families’ lives don’t stop!

    As our families maintain their careers, enjoy time with their spouses and kids, and FINALLY take that vacation away, Revel Home Care brings our clients excellent, ENJOYABLE, top-of-the-line care that their families can trust.

    We are ready to stand in for you 24/7, if needed, to make our clients’ wishes come true.

    Our team supports and communicates with our families, too, and provides them with the peace of mind that their family members are safe, happy, and receiving quality care.

    After all, life is worth living! We make it more enjoyable by helping your family revel in the everyday.

What We Do

Our clients and their families enjoy the following and more:

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Revelers are competent, comprehensively-trained, bonded, and fully-insured. Safety and competence are guaranteed.


As a Certified Senior Advisor ®, Amy Pusatera, brings visibility to end-of-life issues, helping you navigate through hospital care and discharge.

personalized service
Personalized Service

We provide much-needed emotional support and cater our services to each client’s specific and unique home care needs.


Our staff is dependable and reliable. We are available 24/7 year ‘round, and we will always be there for our clients when and where they need us.


Our family portal provides visibility into the care plan and schedule – including client sign-off. Prefer to talk? We’re always ready to listen.


At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How can we help you and your family?

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