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To enjoy oneself. To celebrate or make merry. To have a good time.

Revel Home Care supports clients in the St. Louis and St. Charles County areas. With a unique blend of innovation, personality, and celebration, we partner with our home care families to revel in the everyday.

Through a positive, empowering culture and unique, innovative technology, we deliver quality care to our client, bringing a more comfortable, enjoyable life for him or her, leaving more time for family visits.

Reveler Walking with Client

What Makes Revel Different

  • Helping Your Parent

    Our Revelers bring joy to families through exceptional service. Through our 35-point hiring and training program, we ensure our people show their crazy, giant hearts. That’s because we believe in people and live to serve them.

    At Revel, home care is an art, not a science, just like your Mom is a work of art. She wants to enjoy the comfort of her own home, cherishing the memories it brings, and Revel Home Care makes this a reality for her.

    We partner her with a Reveler who sees the world in a similar way, engaging her heart and stimulating her mind daily, while providing care and a whole lot of fun. Because our Revelers take the time with you and your mother, they understand what stimulates her brain and feeds her soul, we can uplift her world week after week, month after month.

    We help mom continue doing the things she loves, whether that’s baking, crafting, or feeling content in a clean home. Dad deserves to relax in his chair, watch a ball game with a companion, and maintain his dignity as a human being. Their lives will be cherished every, single day, and their Revelers will help bring meaning and zest to life.

  • Helping Your Family

    While their lives are changing, your world doesn’t stop!

    As you maintain your career, enjoy time with your spouse and kids, and FINALLY take that vacation away, Revel Home Care brings your parent excellent, ENJOYABLE, top-of-the-line care that you can trust.

    We are ready to stand in for you 24/7, if needed, to make her wish come true.

    Our team is there to support and communicate with you too, providing peace-of-mind that your parent is safe, happy, and receiving quality care.

    After all, life is worth living and we make it more enjoyable by helping you all revel in the everyday.

What We Do

When you partner with Revel Home Care, you can expect:

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Revelers are competent, comprehensively trained, bonded and fully insured. We ensure safety and competence through best practice training and quality assurance.


As a Certified Senior Advisor ®, Amy Pusatera, brings visibility into end-of-life issues, serving as your liaison to navigate you through hospital care and discharge.

personalized service
Personalized Service

We provide emotional support. If a new Reveler will be helping, Mom will be introduced to them through a member of our team that she already knows to ensure her comfort and ease.


You can expect dependability from our staff. We are available 24/7 and we will always be there when you need us.


Our family portal gives visibility into the care plan and schedule – including Mom’s sign-off. Prefer to talk? We’re always ready to listen.


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