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8 Easy Ways to Create Healthy Meals for Seniors

by Michael Pusatera • February 28, 2019

Proper nutrition is important for everyone, but seniors need healthy meals to support a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, cooking well-balanced meals is hard work! Searching for ideas, shopping for ingredients, slicing, dicing, cooking, and cleaning can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be! Below are 8 easy ways to create healthy meals for seniors. Easy […]

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6 Free Tools for Better Aging

by Michael Pusatera • February 22, 2019

In our ever-expanding marketplace, there is no shortage of new products and services vying for your every dollar. For many fixed income adults, finding the right balance of products and services can be a stressful challenge. Luckily, technology has enabled many new services to help reduce or eliminate expenses allowing you to thrive without busting […]