tools for better agingIn our ever-expanding marketplace, there is no shortage of new products and services vying for your every dollar. For many fixed income adults, finding the right balance of products and services can be a stressful challenge. Luckily, technology has enabled many new services to help reduce or eliminate expenses allowing you to thrive without busting your budget! Read on for six free tools for better aging that can help you save money and maintain great health!

Good Rx

GoodRx is a free online tool and mobile app that will assist in finding the best price for medication near you. Their platform allows you to compare prices and find coupons to hundreds of medications. Stop paying too much for your prescriptions and start saving with Good Rx today.

Benefits CheckUp

Benefits CheckUp is a free search tool from the National Council on Aging that will help match you or your loved one to programs and benefits for medications, health care, income assistance, food, nutrition, housing, utilities, tax relief, transportation, and more. Visit their website and enter your zip code to see if you qualify.

The Libby App

Libby offers an Amazon Kindle-style experience for borrowing books and audiobooks.  It’s free and available for your Apple or Andriod phone and can even be used on Microsoft Windows


Kanopy offers hundreds of movies, shows, documentaries, and independent films. You can view their library through their iPhone and Andriod mobile apps, through the Amazon App Store, or through a Roku app for streaming on your television!

Aging Ahead

Looking for a way to meet others in your community? The folks at Aging Ahead have locations all over the St. Louis area and never charge for meals or services. They provide a plethora of tools for better aging, such as exercise classes, health screenings, transportation, legal services, and more.


Mint is a free online service that can help you take control of your personal finances and budgeting. Run by the same financial experts who are behind TurboTax and Quickbooks, Mint allows anyone to connect all of their banking, investing, and financial accounts under one, simple-to-use application.  Mint is free and will even find you additional deals and offers that match you and your interests!

These are just a few of the numerous, FREE, online resources that are available to seniors. Whether it’s finding new ways to deal with health needs, diving deeper into learning, or managing your finances, these simple tools for better aging can make life easier and help save you money.

Which tip do you plan to implement first? Are there any other free tools that make your life easier? 

Leave us a comment to let us know! At Revel Home Care, we work with our St. Louis and St. Charles home care families to make their lives easier, and we’d love to share new resources with them.