healthy meals for seniorsProper nutrition is important for everyone, but seniors need healthy meals to support a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, cooking well-balanced meals is hard work! Searching for ideas, shopping for ingredients, slicing, dicing, cooking, and cleaning can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be! Below are 8 easy ways to create healthy meals for seniors.

Easy Breakfast

For a great way to start the day, try this easy, healthy breakfast burrito from the National Institute for Aging. Simply combine 1 scrambled egg, ⅓ cup black beans, and 2 tbsp of salsa in a single flour tortilla, and you have a delicious meal that’s good for you, too. Add some fresh fruit on the side like 1/2 grapefruit, and you’re ready to take on the day.

Easy Lunch

Sometimes presentation is everything. Tired of a simple, healthy sandwich? Revel in every day with a deli kebob from Delish. Prefer a salad you can prep ahead of time? Check out this Cobb Salad from the folks over at Budget Bytes.

Easy Dinner

One easy way to assist seniors with healthy meals is to include fish as the main protein in your dishes. We love salmon for our clients, and this simple, pan-fried salmon from Cooking Light is super quick and easy. Pair it with steamed broccoli and a small side of couscous, and you have a deliciously simple dinner.

Easy Week

Looking for more than just a single meal? The great folks over at Sunrise Senior Living know how important good nutrition is to the health and wellness of you and your loved ones, so they’ve compiled 4 easy meals you can make in 30 minutes

Easy Month

Prefer to plan out a whole month of healthy meals? The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority has an entire plan of healthy meals ready to go. Download their four weeks of healthy menus today, and you can forget about meal planning for an entire month.

Easy Freezer Meals

One of the biggest challenges for those who are struggling to stay in their homes is the challenge of preparing meals every day. A simple solution is to prepare meals in batches and freeze each batch in single-serving containers for easy reheating. Sweet Peas and Saffron have a great list of 38+ healthy freezer meals that you and your loved ones will love. 

Easy Meal Kits

  • Another way to mix it up in the kitchen is to take advantage of one of the many meal kits available online. While there’s nothing wrong with the big guys like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron, we like to help our clients by providing options that focus on delivering healthy meals for our aging population. Our favorites are Silver Cuisine by bistroMD, Top Chef Meals, and Gobble.

Easy Delivery

Today, technology connects us in incredible ways, and food delivery is rapidly changing. It was not long ago that if you wanted a hot meal delivered to your house, pizza was the only option. Not any longer. With GrubHub and UberEats, many households can have restaurant-prepared meals delivered to their door in minutes. In addition, grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh and Instacart can make shopping easy for those with limited mobility, enabling many to enjoy all their favorite foods without ever having to step foot outside their doors.

While it’s not always easy to plan healthy meals, we hope this guide will help to make cooking for seniors a bit easier. 

Have a recipe or service that didn’t make the list? Comment below to let us know. Our Revelers help our clients eat healthy every day, so we always love to hear about new meals and services we can try.