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Companion Care

Because life’s more fun together.

Are you worried that Mom is lonely?

Aging is a time of transition, and while it can be relaxing, the isolation can lead to issues with mental and physical health.

We know you can’t be there for Mom all the time, but we can provide the companion care at home to keep her spirits high!

We partner her with a Reveler who sees the world in a similar way, engaging her heart and stimulating her mind daily, while providing care and a whole lot of fun.

Because our Revelers take the time to understand what stimulates her brain and feeds her soul, we can uplift her world week after week, month after month.

We’ll meet with you to determine a care plan that works for you and Mom.  Here are a few ways we can help:


How can we bring a smile to Mom’s face and get her to laugh? We believe in joy and fun in everything we do.


Being present as a friend to help with socialization


Aiding in communication support to family and friends – particularly with digital devices that can be hard for Mom to understand and use.


Supporting her hobbies and interests. Having someone around to help with gardening, crafts, or whatever her passions are!


Assisting with physical fitness. Particularly with older adults, regular exercise carries health benefits, but also risks. Our Revelers are there to help!

Other Interests

And anything else that Mom’s interested in. We’re happy to suggest activities that will keep her happy and engaged, but we’re also here to support your vision for her active life!


At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How Can we help you and your family?

We are ready to listen. Give us a call or email to begin discussing your needs now.


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