diabetes care and support

Diabetes Care and Support

We help you manage your diabetic care and encourage an active lifestyle.

Aging is hard, and it is harder with diabetes.

While it can be a challenge to support the unique needs of diabetes patients, our Revelers receive specialized training on diabetes care and nutrition.  

We partner your loved one with a Reveler who will work to support their emotional health, as well as assist in the day-to-day processes of diabetes management.

Our care planning and nutrition programs provide our clients with the diabetes support they need in their homes and allow clients to live safely – while enjoying well-prepared, fresh meals they’ll love.

Our team will work closely with you to develop a diabetes management plan and offer support with a menu that works for you or your loved one.

Our diabetes care and support services include:

Meal Planning

Our Revelers receive specialized training to prepare meals that support the unique needs of clients with diabetes and will work with you to adapt recipes to specific taste preferences.


We promote an active lifestyle with fitness program assistance, and our Revelers will be by our client’s side to support and assist in safe, ongoing exercise.

Joyful Living

We strive to bring a smile to our client’s face and always work to promote fun, engaging activities that improve emotional health and increase socialization.


Diabetes can often add to feelings of isolation. Our Revelers watch for adverse health impacts and provide companionship so that our clients aren’t left to suffer alone.

Medication Reminders

Whether you or your loved one simply needs a gentle reminder to check blood sugar levels or requires medication organization, our Revelers can help.

Revel Home Care is proud to provide in-home diabetes care and support throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

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