diabetes care and support

Diabetes Care and Support

Partnering with you to live an active life.

Aging is hard, and it is harder with diabetes.

While it can be a challenge to support the unique needs of diabetes patients, our caregivers receive special training on diabetes care and nutrition.  

We partner your loved one with a Reveler who will work to support their emotional health as well as assist in the day-to-day processes of diabetes management. 

Our care planning and nutrition programs support diabetes patients in their homes allowing them to live safely while enjoying well prepared, fresh meals that they’ll love.

We’ll meet with you to determine a care plan and menu that works for you and your loved one.  Here are a few ways we can help:

Meal Planning

Our Revelers receive special training to help them prepare meals that support the special needs of diabetes patients. We’ll work with you to adapt our recipes to your tastes. 


Assistance with a fitness program can promote improved health for those living with diabetes. Our Revelers are there to support and assist in safe, ongoing exercise.

Having a Great Day!

We love bringing a smile to our client’s face. We’ll be there to support and participate in fun activities and socialization to improve emotional health.


Our Revelers are there to provide emotional support and observation. They can help watch for signs that your diabetes might be having a negative impact on your overall health.  

Medication Reminders

Whether it’s a gentle nudge to check blood sugar levels or assistance organizing your pills for the week, our team is there to help you stay on top of your medications.


At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How Can we help you and your family?

We are ready to listen. Give us a call or email to begin discussing your needs now.


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