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Join the Revelers!

At Revel Home Care, we light up the lives and the homes of our clients through in-home care. Their lives should be full of happiness – that’s where you come in.

If you bring cheer everywhere you go, and you like helping people, apply to become a “Reveler”!

As a member of the Revel Home Care team, a Reveler provides awesome home care services every day, and we train you on how to do this to make you even more awesome than you already are!  

We live to help you, so our people come first. Period. Always. We work hard for our employees so they can succeed in their own lives.

As a Reveler, your job is to have a great day, every day and share that joy with your customer! So be creative, fun, and energetic!

Revel Home Care Employment

The Job of a Reveler

#1: Help your customer have a great day every day!

Here’s how:

  • Show up to work on time with a great attitude and ready to help!
  • Think ahead: Consider what your customer will need from you before they even ask!
  • Listen to what your customer says they need and pay attention to things they need that they didn’t even mention. Then, get to work!
  • Let our customers and their families know how much you care by responding to them with info and with kindness all the time.
  • Review the care plan. Keep detailed notes and provide ongoing updates into our system. Remember everything you did that day and make sure it’s properly documented.
  • Engage our client’s minds and interests daily! Keep your customer happy and entertained!

Want to join our team?

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At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How Can we help you and your family?

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