senior respite care

Senior Respite Care

Because everyone deserves a break.

Sure, no one quite knows your loved one like you, but we are all ears, ready to stand in for you 24/7, if needed, to make their wish come true.

We know you want the very best for them and, well, that’s us.

Our Revelers do the little things that delight. We ease your family’s concerns by making life merrier for all of you.

We’ll meet with you to determine a care plan that works for you and your family.  Here are a few ways we can help:

Breathe easy!

We’ll do a safety assessment and work every day to make the home a safer environment that everyone can enjoy.

Who’s hungry?

Our Revelers can prepare anything to support a healthy diet. Have special needs? We’re on it and will work with you to ensure your loved one eats right AND enjoys their meals.

Always available.

Need help without planning weeks in advance? We’re ready to step in so you can get out and have a night with your friends.

Let’s Revel!

Our mission is to have a blast with our clients. We love to do the fun and fantastic as well as the everyday tasks.


At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How Can we help you and your family?

We are ready to listen. Give us a call or email to begin discussing your needs now.


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