transitional care

Transitional Care

Easily transition from the hospital to home – with an added dash of fun!

It’s always a relief to leave the hospital, but how do you ensure a safe and happy transition back home?

It can be tricky to be alone at home again. Tasks and activities that once seemed easy can now present new challenges.  Pushing too hard, too early can lead to a return trip to the hospital.

No one wants that!

Our Revelers provide expert transitional care to ensure a safe and happy return home. We’ll take care of all the details and stimulate the mind – while the body can rest and heal.

Our expert team can meet with you at the hospital or rehab center and coordinate a safe ride home.

Once you or your loved one is back at home, we’ll take over duties to ensure our client can quickly return to health.

Transitional care services include:

Cooking Meals

Our Revelers cook meals that our clients will enjoy while paying particularly close attention to any special diets their doctors may have recommended to promote recovery.

Encouraging Exercise

Oftentimes, light to moderate exercise is needed to speed recovery time. Our Revelers will provide supervision and support to reduce the risk of reinjury.

Tracking Progress

Our experts will assist with medication reminders, track and report side effects, schedule follow-up appointments, and perform other duties designed to keep clients on the road to recovery.

Supporting Activities

When a client is in recovery, it is important that they continue doing the activities they love. Our Revelers will keep them engaged in fun activities that keep their recovery in mind.

Promoting Joy

Part of every transitional care plan, we promote joy in everything that we do. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, so we work hard to keep our clients smiling throughout their recovery.

Our Revelers provide transitional care services throughout St. Louis and St. Charles Counties.

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