transitional care

Transitional Care

Hospital to home with a pinch of fun!

It’s always a relief to leave the hospital, but how do you ensure a safe and happy transition back home?

It can be tricky to be alone at home again.  The tasks and activities that seemed easy before can be a special challenge, and pushing too much too early can lead to a return trip to the hospital.  

No one wants that!

Let our Revelers be there to ensure a safe and happy return home.  We’ll take care of all the details and stimulate the mind while the body is able to rest and heal.

We can meet with you at the hospital or rehab center and coordinate a safe ride home. Once your loved one is safe and sound in their own space we’ll keep the rehab going.

Happiness Ahead!

Our Revelers will plan activities and time for fun – the way your loved one likes it.

Cooking meals.

Cooking delicious meals that they’ll like AND help supporting special dietary needs, particularly in the early days back from the hospital.

Proper exercise.

Assisting with physical fitness. Proper exercise is important, but without support, there are risks of reinjury. Let our Revelers be there to encourage and support.

Keeping on Track.

Working with physicians to help with medication reminders, report side effects, schedule follow up visits to avoid hospital readmissions and stay on the healthy track!

Staying Engaged.

And anything else that your loved one is interested in. We’re happy to suggest activities that will keep them happy and engaged, but we’re also here to support your vision for an active life!


At Revel Home Care, we delight in bringing joy and peace-of-mind to families.

How Can we help you and your family?

We are ready to listen. Give us a call or email to begin discussing your needs now.


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